About Workplus Consult

About Workplus Consult

You could have the best product or service in the world, but it will fail if you don’t put it in front of the right customers. To maximise your chances of business success, you will need to identify and focus on the most effective routes to your market.

There are no bad routes to market, but you can easily overlook the best routes to your market by skipping the homework required when looking for the best sales channels for your product or service. If you don’t do the market research to find out where and how your target customers prefer to buy, your business will not thrive as it could.

We at Workplus Consult consistently work around the clock to give your brands the right route to market

Market Place Mission

To continuously remain No.1 retail market development experts in Nigeria and the rest of the world by providing cutting edge solution for products/brands through tailored route to market strategies.

Over 170 million consumers, with an average weekly strength of 580 million consumers purchase; we can help you hit your sales numbers with a guarantee positive ROI


We sell in and ensure availability of all your brand packs and sizes in every retail outlet within our target market while ensuring your brands plays at their right channels and portfolio

We’re Nigeria No.1 retail channel!